Alderwood Water & Wastewater District

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Water for Life, Forever.


Clean, reliable water and wastewater services for a healthy community.


  • Integrity means we do the right thing.
  • Learning drives our people and our culture.
  • Stewardship because water is essential to life.
  • Safety as our employees and our community deserve care.
  • Efficiency enables us to deliver excellent value to our customers.

Goals and Strategies

Serve You Today

  • Ensure our water is safe and reliable by adhering to the highest standards for water quality and wastewater treatment.
  • Engage and communicate with today's customers, using current tools and methods.

Plan for Tomorrow

  • Maintain affordable and sustainable rates by balancing customer needs with prudent investments in our system.
  • Grow with the region by planning for and meeting increasing demands for water and wastewater services in Snohomish County.
  • Lead and advocate by sharing our knowledge and supporting the advancement of our field.
  • Prepare for emergencies and focus on resiliency so we're ready when natural disasters occur.

Strengthen Our Foundation

  • Protect our water supply by safeguarding the resource we all rely on with planning and partnerships.
  • Manage our information and our physical assets by developing programs to make smart and efficient investments to prolong the life of our system.
  • Build a learning organization that is committed to always learning and improving.