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How to Prepare For Emergencies

We work hard to make sure your tap is the safest and most reliable utility in your household. However, any number of circumstances can cause a temporary loss of water service. We want you to be prepared and safe in an emergency.

Did you know?

Survival instructors teach that the average person can survive:
  • 3 minutes without air
  • 3 hours without shelter (in harsh environments)
  • 3 days without water
  • 3 weeks without food

That makes water a critical consideration when preparing your home and family for a disaster. Please reference this brochure from our friends at the Woodinville Water District on how to store, purify, and access water during emergencies.

Join us in preparing at home!

Our committed staff are dedicating one hour per month to preparing our homes and families for emergencies so that we'll be ready to respond when you need us most! Join our efforts in preparing your own family by following the "Prepare in a Year" program.